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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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exhausted. >> we all are. it was worth it. it's great cause. >> beast mode. check it out. >> thanks to crossfit for donating the equipment. >> are you still winded? bill: good morning. fox news alert. jordan pounding isis terrorists. 56 airstrikes targeting dozens of hideouts as a top u.s. military official says iraqi ground troops are getting ready to march. what happens then, if it does. fresh new week at america's newsroom. hope you had a good weekend at home. martha: this latest offensive for jordan comes after isis
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saying taken american air raid was responsible for killing kayla mueller. >> we need to monitor those who have gotten through the gate. we don't want to see what happened in paris happen near the united states. bill: conor powell leads or coverage from amman jordan. how effective have the airstrikes been, connor? >> reporter: overtakennian officials -- jordanian officials want 20% of all the coalition airstrikes against isis the u.s. and its pilots are flying more than half of those. how effective those air strikes are, it's a tough question to answer. the coalition says they don't have particularly effective intelligence on the ground.
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what we are seeing is where these airstrikes back up ground troops particularly in iraq where there are kurdish fighters and shiia muslims isis does appear to be losing grounds in iraq. iraqi officials said they need more help, more weapons and more supplies. the current sort of structure of this overall offensive is just simply not good enough right now. twhriel is some effective parts of much this policy and plan in place. it isn't effective enough according to iraq why it and coalition officials. >> would syria even accept foreign fight toarls help defeat is there are this country? >> so syria's foreign minister said they criticized jordan for tear strikes in syria. they say they don't want foreign troops or the foreign coalition
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helping them. there is a lot of criticism because of this. but they need this and help this. nobody fist fighting isis in syria. so for the assad government his is more posturing than anything else. they need foreign help. whether they would take foreign troops is a totally different matter. foreign fight materials on the ground are primarily all isis. whether you can bring in jordanian troops would only cause more bombs there. but at least for right now syrian officials are saying they don't want any foreign help to fight isis. bill: conor powell leading four coverage in amman jordan. martha: this is weighing heavily on kayla mueller the international airport can hostage taken hostage last august. isis claims she was hit and killed in one of the american
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airstrikes. but the u.s. says there is no evidence of that. as we wait for word on her fate, it's weighing hard on her friends and family in prescott, arizona. >> the family is in a fragile place. the strain of not knowing whether their daughter is alive or not is starting to westerly on them. if we had to say in a word how they are doing, they are hopeful for her safe return i think would be a tough statement at this point. martha: prescott was devastated by the loss of 19 elite firefighters. they were called the hot shots. they died battling an out of control wildfire.
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bill: the former director of the defense intelligence agency saying we do not have at the moment taco hernt strategy. >> members of congress: -- don't swieg don't have a coherent strategy. >> what is our strategy going forward? bill: what is that answer? adam kinzinger is on deck to talk about that. martha: lots more coming up. president obama is set to meet with the german chancellor angela merkel. that will happen at the top of the hour. the tomorrow of the agenda is the discussion they will have over what to do about ukraine. germany and france tried to
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hammer out a peace plan. fighting has picked back up again. they have given russian president vladimir putin until wednesday to agree to a roadmap for peace. good morning kevin. >> it has been a dicey situation. these two world leaders are planning to meet today. chance lower merge and president obama -- chancellor merkel and the rrl agreenpresident obama agree bombing ukraine could have long standing consequences. they will have a working lunch at the white house in an effort to pull back pution president
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vladimir putin. but will he honor his word? >> given russia's recent history. we need to judge it by his deeds, not his words. too many times has promised peace and delivered tanks. >> reporter: on numerous occasions the russian leader has violated the terms of the agreements he made. martha: we'll see if this time is different. we heard a lot about using the power of the purse to slowly force russia to pull back. is that the strategy we are working towards here? >> reporter: it's a great question. we have heard economists saying the ruble is falling pant
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economy is in a mess. >> if we help ukrainians increase the cost of the military forces that invaded their country, how long can putin sustain a war that he tells his people is not happening? >> reporter: we'll be looking forward to the remarks. ed henry will be in the east room. bill: morning chaos. snow, sleet and freezing rain in the northeast. a winter storm warning this effect across the region. it will be a mels. the snow not stopping in many areas until tomorrow. another winter forecast for boston still digging out from
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the last two winter storms. that's where molly line is. how's it going now? >> reporter: take a look, you wake up in the city of boston. not all of these piles are cars. some of them are just snow. the cities are trying to find a place to put it. boston and other municipalities across the state that's the big struggle. some of the municipalities to the north have been given a waiferl, able to put some of their snow into the waterways which is rare because they like to keep waterways as clean as
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possible in massachusetts. >> reporter: the big issue for us is not just this storm but the cumulative impact of the three storms of the past two weeks. many places will now have had somewhere between 70-80 inches of snow having fall in the past 14 days. >> reporter: i just showed you a snow-covered street. this is the sidewalk. there is a lot of snow and it's everywhere. bill: it's going take a couple months to melt all that stuff. we call it winter. martha: piled really high up there. in the meantime does the white house have taco hernlt strategy to de -- have a cohernlt strategy to defeat isis.
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congress adam kin kinzinger. bruce jenner involved in a deadly car crash. investigators want to look at his cell phone. >> he voluntarily did a field sobriety test which he passed and he volunteered to donate a blood sample to disprove any drugs or alcohol in his system. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape.
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ing. martha: a soccer game descending into a deadly pitched battle in egypt. 25 people were killed. some of them died in a stampede. others in a clash with police. witnesses say it started when some fans tried to push their way into the stadium without tickets. the government is pointing the finger at agitators trying to derail the upcoming election. bill: the former director of the defense intelligence agency says the white house is confused about who the enemy is, using a sports analogy to explain.
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>> we are like a football team when quarterback said ready break and the team is supposed to move down the field in a synchro --in a synchronized way i feel when we say ready break we all go in different directions. bill: adam kinzinger is with us. the general basically lacerated the entire policy coming out of the administration. >> i think he's largely right. what policy has the president articulated? it seems he made the decision to manage the isis problem the next couple years and the next president will have to come in and deal with it. sir yeah is the incubator of
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isis. that's where the extremism is being spewed out from. we can manage iraq and we'll have to bring it sunni militias on board. they haven't been adequately engaged and the president has not articulated a strategy in syria other than to say bark say bashar al-assad has to go. bill are also said congress has a responsibility here. what is your responsible? >> i agree to an extent. we have a responsibility if the president presents us with the use of military force. if he does that we have to do everything to help him destroy isis.
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we should debate it. that rests on the president of the united states. he has that responsibility. so there needs to be more coordination and discussion between congress and the president. but there noise leader like the leader of the free world. it seems like the president -- frankly, i was disappointed to see him have the moral clarity of standing in front of the prayer breakfast saying don't get on your high horse because christians were radical too. bill: john kerry says 22% of the areas populated by isis have been recaptured. that sounds like success. is that not the case? >> i don't know where he gets that number from. i think there have been gains in iraq. we'll win iraq. it will be liberated it's just a matter of when. but we have seen isis growing
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territory in syria. and the president will say they can't govern like a government. neither did the taliban in afghanistan and they held on to power until the united states came in and pushed them out. a lot of people are ignoring the situation in syria. how are you going to stop that answer and i haven't heard a good plan articulated yet. bill: senator cruz said the peshmerga are ready willing and able to fight. >> i was in iraq two months ago and met with the leadership of the person mearg and --the leadership of the peshmerga and the kurds. and we also need to arm the moderate syrian opposition because they are the ones fighting bashar al-assad and isis and they are endangered of being pushed away and assad is
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supported and backed by the iranians. it's a very bad situation there. bill: i hope you come back because those questions will be out there for some time. sea dam kinzinger. we'll talk about solutions as we go through that. martha: there are new questions about another brian williams story as the nbc "nightly news" anchor takes a temporary leach of absence. will he be able to come back to the anchor chair? bill: show time at grammys. they crammed in a lot. there was a rocking performance out of ac/dc. the highlights.
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bill: a 34-year-old man crashed through the gate of a coast guard station claiming he had a bomb in his truck. officials conclude the suspect had no link to terrorism. authorities say the man's motives are not clear and they will continue their investigation. martha: brian williams announcing he will take a leave of absence. he says he will remove himself temporarily from the anchor chair saying quote in the midst of a career spent covering news
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it has become clear to me i'm too' part of the news because of my actions. as managing editor i have decided to take myself off the air for the next few days. over the weekend a couple stories started to emerge from katrina and a story of him riding with the israeli defense forces in a helicopter in 2006 that was near some fire that was incoming as well. what's going on here in term of these new allegations? >> the atmosphere has gone the so toxic that brian williams decided to suspend himself. he wasn't producted to do so by the nbc brass. but the nbc investigation is nothing nothing of the sort. it's. >> journalististic fact
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gathering. finally, brian and his team had been considering going on letterman, keeping scheduled appointment as a way of answering questions. basically nbc and its star anchor are betting this dies down on its own and he can get back on that -- in that anchor chair. martha: is nbc supportive of him? >> the first i thought nbc was distancing itself from brian williams in case more allegations came out. but now my sources say that brian williams has asked the nbc executives not to make any great show of public support for him because it's feared that might be viewed as the kiss of death. so the problem here is that when
6:27 am
you do what brian williams has now acknowledged doing when you tell a lie and say you were in a commoner that was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and it turns out not to be true, evening you reported then comes under scrutiny. i can't see a way for williams and the net work to resolve these questions so he can resume his spot. he's the face of that franchise. paid a lot of money one million viewers. it's a big character test for nbc. martha: they have to be thinking about the timing on this. the longer it goes the more difficult it will be for him to come back. nbc has been very quiet about this and that is one of the most central things here. do they or do they not support them? >> i think nbc executives haven't given any interviews.
6:28 am
nbc is in a hunkering down position. the impression from the brief leave of absence was it would maybe be a week or so and if he could pull that off and come back, maybe he can find a way to make furthermore fuller, more deeper apology. he need to do an interview with somebody. if he is done for a month may just move on. i have been stunned by the negative reaction i have gotten in emails and tweets, people are so offended by the nature of this untruth because it seems to be taking credit for somewhat military guys in another chopper had done. there doesn't seem to be a reservoir of support for brian williams despite the fact that he has had a pretty good career. bill: angela merkel meeting at
6:29 am
the white house with president obama on what to do about vladimir putin. the german chancellor giving the russian president a deadline to stop the fighting in you a crane. mr. she succeed where others have failed? plus this ... martha: a show-stopping performance at the grammys last night. a really big show. lots of duets. more when we come back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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martha: a.p. reports that boko haram extremists are reported to have attacked three cameroon towns and kidnapped more than 30
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people. bill: some of our top stories. jordan and the united states launching new airstrikes against isis targets claiming they are hitting strategic targets. we are awaiting word on the fate of kayla mueller. she was taken hostage by isis about a year ago. boston reeling from the motor recent snowfall. about a foot of snow will fall in boston. martha: president obama set to meet with german chancellor angela merkel less than an hour from now. vladimir putin facing wednesday deadline to agreer to a roadmap for peace. the debate continues on whether the up seattle should be sending
6:34 am
arms to the ukraine. >> when it comes to russia and the ukraine the path we are on doesn't make any sense. we need to be providing defensive arms to the people of the ukraine. the ukrainians are fighting to defend their nation. we have a treaty obligation to stand with them and unfortunately the obama administration is not honoring that obligation. report prr karl rove served as deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to president bush. good morning. the president says he's holding off until after the meeting today. what do you expect today? >> i expect chancellor merkel to push back on providing arms to ukraine. they want one more opportunity
6:35 am
to negotiate this with the russians to see if there can be a diplomatic solution to this. what happens if we hold off until wednesday and what happens if there is no agreement or the russians don't live up to any agreement. martha: president obama has been criticized as sending nothing but mr -- but mres. >> there will be growing pressure democrats and republicans to provide military aid to the ukrainians. desection systems to identify where artillery and mortar fire is coming from. so there is going to be increasing pressure. we also have a responsibility
6:36 am
under the budapest memorandum of 1994 to provide assistance to protect the integrity of the nation of ukraine. if they would guy up their soviet era news nuclear weapons that the united states and russia would agree to respect and defend their integrity. >> that's what senator ted cruz was alluding to. when vladimir putin knocks on my door, i have no reason to think the united states is going to stand by the treaty they signed. >> they claim they have been dleert baltics which are members of nato which says an attack on one is an attack on all will be honored and we have said that to the russians. but if you are the baltics you have to be nervous the united states is not living up to its
6:37 am
obligations under the budapest menna and they are watching from a seat next to the arena, they are watching russia gobble up the eastern and southeastern parts of ukraine to create a land bridge to crimea. martha: ukraine became the next battlefield after crimea. i'm curious what pang la merkel will say -- i'm curious what angela merkel will say to the president today. >> i think she wants him to give her time. but the real question is what is the president going to say to her? is he going to say we have given you and the french a chance to achieve a diplomatic solution. if you cannot reap one wednesday that is not enforceable we are prepared to move? what's he going to say to her? my sense is he will be a passive
6:38 am
bystander. he said the right things about respecting the integrity of the ukrainian state and we support the ukrainian people but he has done lit toll back it up. the ukrainians have been clear they need defensive weapons and supplies and they are not getting them from the united states of america. martha: it doesn't appear the situation is going to change that dramatically. if you are vladimir putin nothing has stopped him so far. and he's got a lot of his own economic problems on his plate but he doesn't seem to be too war worried about any action against him. >> i think the strongest answer is to move move on the economic front. and then perhaps a few days later provide defensive systems to the ukrainians. i think there was good surprise
6:39 am
from the former officials of the british government to start small and start clearly defensive. the systems might allow the ukrainians to better identify where the fire is being set and where the mortars and artillery pieces are being used. but ramp it up and give them the systems that that will cause putin to say this is not worth it. bill: 2015 grammy award are in the books. two hours of jam packed performances. a couple highlights, a couple lowlights kick it off. ac/dc. they opened the program. i guess they were using a teleprompter for some of the
6:40 am
songs. some say they were using it for "highway to hell." the short were very big in the show. bill: there was this, too. listen. that was a great rendition of take me to church. have a listen. also listen to this. [♪] a sam smith night. that's his hit "stay with me." he won best new artist and song of the year. miranda lambert going rock 'n roll.
6:41 am
she was bleeped. beyonce winning three grammys including best r & b and best stoppingo song with her husband jay-z. the winner was beck and kanye jokingly stormed the stage in protest saying beck should have given his award to beyonce. martha: he walks up there. i liked becks reaction. he says come on up. you want to mess with my award go ahead. i kept going back and forth. it was like one nonstop concert. i thought paul mccartney and rihanna were great. bill: who have i always argued should play the halftime show at
6:42 am
the super bowl? martha: ac/dc. we can set up a teleprompter for them. some of the those in that world -- bruce generaller in the news. bruce jenner says he's working with police after a deadly car wreck. what else and his cell phone? bill: why the president's effort to close gitmo could affecting a case today. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement.
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6:46 am
in court today. the fbi investigates a member of the defense legal team. catherine herridge is there and we'll took you her next hour. 14 years later, why is this happening? >> it's a decade long lurch from tribunals that have become more like civilian trials with more protection for 9/11 terrorists. you know the military wants to deal with this. but as it's gone through over a decade metamorphosis the supreme court had a 5-4 decision and as international lawyers get more involved, the mix gets mugged up and here you are a decade longer with 9/11 conspirators with no end in
6:47 am
sight. the middle is not then sight. this is the most expensive expansiveexpansive criminal fliel history. bill: is this why you should close gitmo and move these people to a civilian court? that way you are not 14 years down the road. >> i think you could still be 14 years down the road. there are additional protections that could be afforded. the system isn't equipped to deal with the way we gather intelligence. you also have got civilian juries not equipped to deal with the dynamics of this situation. it's clear the commission are capable of this. the obama administration has thrown a lot. wrenches in the gears and people haven't been willing to defend it robustly and argue these are
6:48 am
unlawful enemy combatant who should not be afforded the protections of the geneva convention annals such, be give upen and should be given speedy military trials. we are at war and our trial system better acknowledge it. bill: these are the leaders. this is khalid sheikh mohammad. some believe he was the 20th hijacker. this is the core group of survivors today. why in the world is a member of the defense team being investigated? >> hopefully it ends with an execution for all five of them. why is the member of the defense team being investigated? as we have seen, there was lot of allegations of information being leaked through lawyers to other entities. they are defending 9/11
6:49 am
terrorists. i'm speculating here, but it happened time and time again through lawyers and international aid organizations. information passed from gitmo detainees from friends and others who are not necessarily on our side. they are probably versus gaight that kind of linkage which further complicates it. bill: we come bark to the facts of the matter. the facts are the relatives are still look for justice. >> isis is crystallizing this. we are fighting an enemy who is seek to burns alive. the world looks at that and sees weakness. we should stop apologizing for guantanamo bay and pretend it's a season that brought about 9/11. and we could try and execute these guys if we had the force of will to do so.
6:50 am
martha: bruce jenner was involved in a deadly car crash. why police wants he and others involved to hand over the cell phones they had with them at the time. plus this ... bill: that was last time when it crashed and burned trying to move on top of a moving ship. that's a rocket coming back from space. the spacex rocket is prepared to give it another try.
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bill: a true sports icon has
6:54 am
said his final good-bye. dean smith has passed away. 36 years with the university of north carolina. his players said he was my menner to, my teacher my second father. dean smith dead at age of 83. martha: the police are asking the drivers to tush their cell phones over so they can get a look at the records to see who was on the phone when. adam what do we know about this today? >> reporter: it's going to be tough to determine whether that was the case. it goes down to seconds.
6:55 am
but when this accident happened along pch there have been brutal crashings or the years. that roadway goes along the coastline and the prius stopped. a lexus rear-ended the prius. so basically a three-car chain reaction that forced the white lexus into traffic where it hit the hummer head-on and you killed the driver of the lexus. there are reports that the paparazzi caught bruce jenner with a cell phone in his hand possibly texting. investigators at this point say they may pull the cell phone records. it depend on how the investigation goes. when you talk to the comes they say the investigation is still very early. >> he cooperated with the investigation.
6:56 am
he's not a suspect at this time. he voluntarily did a field sobriety test which he passed and he volunteered to donate a blood sample to disprove any alcohol or drugs in his system. >> reporter: bruce jenner released a statement saying his deepest i am pay this go out to the family and loved ones, and to all those who were involved or injured in this accident. authorities say he is cooperating and he passed the field sobriety test and they say they might pull the cell phone records, they don't know for sure. it depends on how the investigation goes. bill: dozens of new airstrikes pounding we are live at the pentagon to find out what happened overnight. martha: the white house quietly releasing the names of muslim
6:57 am
leaders who quietly met with president last week. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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>> reporter: not exactly shock and awe. i think the list of targets
7:02 am
suggests there isn't enough intelligence to continue the pace we saw jordan carry out with u.s. targeting help. bill: where does the current strategy stand? >> reporter: there are cracks in the strategy. a squadron of f-16s arrived in jordan to take part in the mission. the best description of the chaos is from mike flynn on fox news sunday. >> when we say ready break paul players that are on the team are going off into different stadiums playing different sports. we don't have an effective strategy that is colength that addresses the wider problem. martha: a a u.s. drone strike
7:03 am
targeted a taliban leader who pledged his allegiance to isis. this is a former gitmo detainee. the drone strike killed at least 8 people. it's not clear if whether the former gitmo detainee was one of them. martha: the white house release a list of muslim leaders who attended a private meeting there with president obama. martha: they released this list of people at the meeting. what was the meeting all about? >> what was strike being the list is how few of these leaders were clerics, religious leaders and how many were political activists. one account we have from the meeting so far the conversation was how to fight islamophobia in the united states. this is a bewildering fact and missed opportunity. you have one of the world's
7:04 am
great religions gone off the rails and many moderate and sensible muslims unable or unwilling to rein them in. so the task is to try and fix that religion. right? but instead the president takes this opportunity to cast blame on the infollow rans of americans and christians. that's the problem. christians are intell rant. -- christians are intolerant. it's almost bewildering. martha: the question of why they were there and what the goal was is important for the american people. but i want to put pictures. szar aziz, and another
7:05 am
affiliated with groups associated with the spread of sharia law. when you look at the history of islamic extremism it's the story of the battle of fund amount -- the battle of fundamentalists versus their own religion. you would think the president would be want to go encourage that part of this operation. >> if the president was having a meeting with people who hold extremist beliefs saying you have got to join the 21st century, islam cannot be perverted into way it's become. this is scary. how can we work together to make you're -- worktogether to make your splinter groups less crazy. bigots in america are being mean to you and i'll help save you
7:06 am
from their bigotry. martha: unless we get on our high horse in the name of christ. >> the real problem is christians and their views. martha: it came out that vice president joe biden isn't going to be there and debbie wasserman-shultz won't be in congress for the speech of benjamin netanyahu. >> the whole thing is sad. it's not like the u.s. has too many allies. i think there is a problem with the israeli ambassador. he gave a briefing to members at the hill. i talked to them and they said he flat out alienated us. i think israel in our relationship with israel is not being well served by the ambassador to the united states from israel which is sad.
7:07 am
we need all the allies we can have. bill: the northeast is getting slammed again in another round of winter weather. heavy snow in new england. seems like it's one a week. how are you david lee? what's the latest from there? there are some 1,700 cancellations today. it seems like la guardia has more than its fair share. you can see the red. that tells the story. 300 cancellations as of now. this number only increasing as the hours go by. 292 cancellations at logan. 146 at kennedy.
7:08 am
467 delays system-wide. some airlines united and jetblue are us spending cancellations and change fees if there is a weather-affected flight. la guardia for the most part seems mellow. but there are many passengers spending more time here than they would like. this woman and her two sisters were supposed to leave 6:30 to toronto. they spent last night at the hotel. they are back at the airport right now doing nothing but watching the clock. >> what are you going to do, it's weather. you don't have control or that. i could make the situation worse. why dos do that. it's harder for myself. >> reporter: there are 1,700 cancellations systemwide. compared to the big form there were 14,000.
7:09 am
so it's bad but not as bad as it was. bill: she probably could have driven to toronto by now as well. here is martha with the forecast. martha: parts of the northeast dropping several inches of snow. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center. what's going on? >> looks like mother nature has a case of the mondays. beginning of the week across parts of the northeast and many areas across massachusetts reporting more than a foot snow from this lands round of snowfall. it started afternoon hours saturday across pearls of massachusetts. it's beening a long-lived event and it -- it's been a long-lived event. so many more inches to go as far as the totals go. many areas picking up a foot of snow. taking a look at the radar we
7:10 am
have heavy snow across upstate new york. massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island. that's where you are looking at snowfall rates likely of an inch per hour. south of that you have warmer air aloft that transitions over that snow to just more after wintry mix across parts of the tr hurricanes state area. parts -- pack parts of the tristate area. this is the computer model showing snow up through rhode island, connecticut and maine. it will continue into tomorrow morning. many advisories and warnings will continue in place through early tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory for new york city. so please be careful out there on the roadways and some areas could be looking at total snowfall from this last system
7:11 am
of more than 2 feet across new england. we'll keep you updated. martha: two snow days maybe for those folks in new england. bill: john kerry saying we are on the road to defeating isis. jordan's foreign minister not so sure. >> they have access to syria's cash and funds and they have access to sophisticated weaponry. there is no doubt we shall prevail but it won't be easy and it won't be quick. bill: why when america's top general says isis is more critical than ever before. martha: we'll have the former bush white house cheefl of staff john sununu. bill: the latest snag for spacex trying to make history landing a
7:12 am
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bill: angela merkel arriving at the west wing just a few moments ago.
7:16 am
clearly on the plate today is what to do with ukraine and vladimir putin that will be topic a. they will also both be seen in a joint press conference at 11:40 a.m. eastern time and we'll have live coverage of that. 10:16 here in new york. >> it's an entirely different level than al qaeda was. >> are they harder to find? have they adapted? >> they have. you don't seat long con voice with flags flying in broad daylight. >> do you think isis poses a threat to the homeland? >> i think we should take it very seriously. martha: that's retired general john allen warning isis is more organized than it ever was thairgd command and control is
7:17 am
better. let's look hat what general allen had to say about this. what do you think? >> reporter: he's talking about taking maybe a town back in iraq. he's talking about the battle within isis. problem is it's a much bigger thing. it's not just isis. it's not just drone strikes in yemen and jordanian airstrikes. radical islam has spread in more parts of the gloak than ever before and we don't have a strategy for dealing with that. that's why people have come out to be very critical of this. there is no big plan. martha: let's listen to john kerry and what he said on "meet
7:18 am
the press" about how things are going? >> i think we are southern the road to. we have taken out a significant portion of the top leadership of isis. their commands and control facilities have been attacked, interrupting their command and control. they no longer can communicate the way they were as openly. they no longer travel in con voice openly or where they do they are at great risk. martha: you do have to do both. they were going to take on isis or isil. but they like to talk about this issue in terms of a specific group. what about korizon? >> my moms -- my sons would come home saying i'm getting an a so stop ragging me about the homework. then you find out he got one
7:19 am
parks and the rest of the subjects he's getting cs and ds. they are getting one tiny "a" and they are not focusing on the gpa. martha: in terms of president clinton nicing the threat of radical is -- -- in terms of recognizing the threat of radical islam. *. general allen is a respected military person but he's a retired general. the person running this operation is someone who's not active at the moment. that says something does it not? >> they are look at it as a specific tiny military operation. they are not look at the bigger picture. where is the economic or bigger part of this? if they really cared about radical islam why not tell the
7:20 am
president of egypt who has with great personal courage gone the vatican of the muslim world saying you have to reform the religion. but we are not doing any of those things. it's not the bigger picture. the problem is the bigger picture is getting worse and worse and it will threaten the united states. martha: in terms of isis because everybody watches these horrific events the last couple weeks they want them to be degrade and destroyed. how close are we to that? >> we are making gains. the kurds are fighting isis. we are not giving weapons to the kurds. we aring giving weapons to the iraqi government to give to the kurds and they are not giving them to the kurds. the jordanians are in the fight. but it's got to be the moderate in the region saying we are in
7:21 am
this fight. and we are going to join with you militarily for this fight. it can't be american boots point ground. wee tried that. it didn't work. you need them to step up to the plate. maybe the jordanians will be the rallying point where they will say this writes we are going to put -- martha: the moderate forces are bigger than any of them. >> and they know how to do the fighting. bill: there are new polls out of new hampshire and the results a bit of a double-edged sword for one of the presidential candidates. martha: some republican lawmakers fear the nation's top banks are being forced support certain political groups. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great.
7:22 am
and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a “selling machine!” ready for you alert, only at
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>> republicans trying to figure out who is benefitting from a major settlement involving some of america's top banks. j.p. morgan chase, bank of america and citigroup, they paid more than $36 billion just to settle a charge of selling worthless mortgage securities to investors. justice department supposed to give that money to group to help struggling homeowners. some republicans are not sure that's where the money went. judge is a senior judicial analyst with me now. nice to see you judge. >> thank you. >> g.o.p. alleges what here? what do they think happened? >> they think that j.p. morgan chase, bank america and the other banks agreed to give money to liberal leaning, non profit housing organizations whether those housing organizations and their clients suffered as a result of what the banks did or not in order to avoid criminal
7:26 am
prosecution by the justice department so the justice department threatens to insdiet snb and says you pay somebody else out here. it has nothing to do with the case and we won't indict you. >> that wasn't part of the language, right? if that happened that would be illegal. >> well, no. if that happened, it would not be illegal. it would be a process that justice departments have been doing all along. >> really? >> if they feel -- this is good. if they feel that a defendant has victimized somebody and they can extract money from the defendant and get it to the victim, they will do it. however, sometimes they go a little overboard and they extract money from a defendant and give it to somebody who is not a victim just because it looks good in the grand scheme of things. >> you're sitting on the bench and you tell me this happens and it's somewhat common. >> it's common in both political parties. say i'm sitting on the bench. sometimes judges don't know about this because sometimes
7:27 am
this happens before an indictment is filed so it's just an agreement between the defendant, a deep pocketed corporation, and the justice department. we won't prosecute you. >> hello. that doesn't sound right. peter is talking about the harm that banks caused in the first place, talking about the banks' misconduct. did the banks break the law? or were the banks just operating within the laws as they were changed by congress during the 1990's? >> the banks would argue they were operating within the law. the government would say the banks knowingly sold securities that had jumped mortgages in them mortgages that the lender was not going to pay back and they failed to tell the purchaser of those securities. that's not a crime but it is a wrong. it's a civil wrong for which the purchaser could sue. in this case instead of the purchaser, the government got involved and decided to extract funds from the banks.
7:28 am
>> you do a lot with $36 billion, judge. >> you can. and with the threat of an indictment hanging over your head. >> that, too. judge, nice to see you. >> members of the military complaining there's no real strategy and too much interference in the war against isis. is the white house getting too involved in micro managing the pentagon's military operations? we'll talk about that. >> is your tv spying on you? what you say inside of your own home may no longer be private.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> there is no end in sight in the 9/11 terror case which is still knocking around in guantanamo bay as the obama administration works to close the detention camp. long awaited trial expected to
7:32 am
extend beyond the end of president obama's term, if you can believe that. five suspects are due in court today, including this man accused of orchestrating those attacks. chief intelligence correspondent is live from guantanamo bay. katherine, a bizarre twist in court this morning. tell us what's happening. >> martha, we were in the high security courthouse when, within the first few minutes, there was a bizarre chain of events. two of the 9/11 conspirators told the judge they could not work with their interpreters because they recognized the men from the c.i.a. secret prisons. that's where the 9/11 suspects were held until 2006 when they were then transferred to guantanamo bay. and it was at the secret prisons that they were subjected to the enhanced interrogation program, what critics call torture. it began with the suspect who is believed to be part of the cell
7:33 am
where the 2001 plan was finalized. he told the judge he recognized the translator from the c.i.a. secret prison and he could not trust him. that was followed by a conspirator there on the right accused of training hijackers in afgh recognized his translator from the secret site but he also alleged that he took part in the torture program. so this complication this morning doesn't even begin to address another complex legal issue which is the allegation the f.b.i. has tried to plant an informant into one of the defense teams. >> f.b.i. agents don't operate in a vacuum. they operate as part of a bureaucracy. from the very beginning, we pressed for anness to the question, who authorized this investigation? we never received that answer. >> and one of the complaints from the defense team is that the case is so tainted that it's highly likely now that one of the 9/11 conspirators will be
7:34 am
separated from the other four so two trials will be running concurrently. that's likely to slow it down even further. >> thank you very much. >> military leaders taking aim at the white house strategy against isis saying there is no strategy while complaining the administration is getting too involved in the day-to-day allegations. bob woodward level levelled this statement. >> people from the white house are micro managing the tactical situation on a daily and weekly basis. >> forgive me you're saying that susan rice is telling the generals what to do? >> and they've got all these people in the white house. you talk to people in the military who were there and they say, we are being micro managed and we're not given a real plan to say what are we going to do
7:35 am
here and it's not the way to run a war or try to win a war. >> let's discuss this now with the new hampshire governor live with us now. welcome back here >> how are snu >> i'm fine. thank you. we've heard the complaint about a lack of strategy from a lot of people. this whole idea about micro managing the war from the west wing if woodward is right, what's the effect of that? >> well first of all, it's demoralizing on the military to have somebody trying to manipulate their operations on a daily basis, on a particular tactical basis but the military knows this administration has no strategy and the polling data, their lack of confidence in the white house, i think it was 55-15 opposed showed yesterday against the white house knowing what they're doing. it's very demoralizing for the
7:36 am
military. this white house thinks all they have to do is pontificate a goal and then manage it on a daily basis. >> you've been in the west wing. you know how this runs. you know how it operates. who in the west wing would have footing or standing in a decision such as this? >> well in our white house, the president and the military respected the individuals but even those two didn't try to manage on a daily basis. in this white house, if you talk about standing as a result of position certainly susan rice the president and perhaps the chief of staff but the fact is none of those three have any experience that the military would respect and frankly, none of those as individuals seem to have retained any respect from the military. >> they're working for the commander in chief and clearly
7:37 am
they have a lot on the line here should they not have a lot to say about what is happening in a war that's being prosecuted or a strategy that's being carried out? what is your view on that? >> you define a goal you work with the military with the department of defense to set a strategy and then you let the day-to-day operations be in the hands of the professionals that know how to identify target and identity movements of troops. >> if it is true that there's no strategy that's being clarified to people on the ground why do you think that's the case? >> because it's an incompetent white house. this is a white house that has shown its incompetence in trying to manage the i.r.s., the daily operations of obamacare. this is a white house that has no cumulative experience in making difficult executive decisions before they took office. >> does that change? or does that stay the same? >> only change in 700 days.
7:38 am
>> governor thank you for your time. it's good to have you back. 22 minutes before the hour. >> fox news alert. space x is delaying the launch of the falcon nine rocket because of weather conditions. now scheduling another attempt at a revolutionary rocket landing tomorrow evening. stay tuned for that. first attempt resulted in a fiery crash we saw after it nearly missed the ocean platform last month. we have more on this. steve, why is this launch so important to this project? >> martha, if this launch does come as planned tomorrow night from cape canaveral, it could be significant for a couple of reasons. first, it would be the first weather satellite in deep space. this is a million miles from the earth, four times further away than the moon is from the earth and it could help to monitor solar activity, intense solar activity that could be damaging on earth, it would give
7:39 am
scientists perhaps as much as an hour heads up. space x is trying to learn how to reuse a booster rocket. it's a technological challenge. they've got to bring down a rocket that's 14 stories high from 80 miles up in the sky and basically land it on a pinpoint barge out in the atlantic ocean, about the size of a football field. they tried this last month and failed. they'll try again tomorrow night. officials say the odds are 50-50 but they could eventually reduce the cost of space flight officials say, by a factor of 100 times. >> fascinating. steve, thank you very much. >> so the race to the white house now so far neck and neck for a lot of these republican hopefuls. their favorite in the latest poll and what it might mean for the campaign ahead. we have a long way to go don't we? plus there's this. >> unlock the door. unlock the door. >> come on buddy.
7:40 am
>> heart stopping rescue caught on camera as police pull a man from a burning car on christmas day. why they are now being honored, we'll show you their act of heroism.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> a pennsylvania mall now banning unaccompanied minors on weekend nights. this after police say a 17-year-old boy walked intu monroeville mall saturday night and started shooting. two krim victims critical condition. two in stable condition. >> we believe one of the three people that was shot was a targeted individual so this is not a random. we have evidence that leads to that. we're not going to discuss currently and the investigation is ongoing. >> during the chaos a 17-year-old escaped. he was arrested later at his home. he's facing numerous charges, including attempted homicide. >> brand new poll numbers show
7:44 am
jeb bush leading the pack of potential 26 candidates in a critical state. republican primary voters in new hampshire. 16% say they would vote for the former governor of florida. rand paul second 13%. scott walker is third at 12% and new jersey governor chris christie in fourth with 10%. so ed is here, former campaign manager for ronald reagan and fox news contributor. if i'm working for any one of those guys, i'm saying this is neck and neck. >> it is neck and neck. there's no reason to be discouraged and this is a long way to go and this is very early in the process. iowa gives you a boost. you know, at the end of the day, interesting thing is we spend a year getting ready for iowa and new hampshire. iowa's 20 delegates, you need 1205 to get the nomination so it's a long process to go and we've got probably the strongest field we've had since 1980. we've got about four or five
7:45 am
significant governors, four or five senators and four or five others on the fringe. >> this is the first poll we've seen in new hampshire since mitt romney dropped out. do you think that the bush camp is surprised when they look at this that they're not pulling ahead of the others more significantly given the name recognition he has? ? i think it's a wait and see. he's been out of the game for a little bit. he has his brother and father as presidents and sometimes that's a plus sometimes a negative. he had a great record as governor. he had two victories in florida. he's a good campaign. so are several others. it's the new star emerging is governor walk he were -- walker. there will be several others. >> when you take a look at scott walker, who has clearly had a very couple of good weeks since the iowa speech he gave he seems to be emerging as somebody that people are considering as even a top tier candidate. and he seems to be emerging at
7:46 am
the loss of chris christie in some ways. >> he's definitely a top tier candidate. he had a great line in his speech in the iowa summit. he said everybody is talking about what they're going to do. let me tell you what i've done. that's a powerful line. he had to run three times in four years in the state. they tried to recall him. he won overwhelmingly. he has a national fundraising base. he has top notch operatives around him and he's a great candidate and the interesting thing is people have low expectations. he's very competent on the stump. >> interesting. let's talk about the other side of the coin for a moment. hillary clinton, a piece today how she's having trouble figuring out what her message is, difficult to define what she's going to be running on specifically and what her overall motto should be. take a listen to what ted cruz said about her running on the issue of the economy, if that ends up being where she wants to go. listen to this. >> if hillary clinton wants to run by telling americans that
7:47 am
the economy is doing great and you can credit president obama and hillary clinton for that i would encourage her to follow that strategy because the simple reality is that's true for the wealthy. the top 1% under president obama, the millionaires and billionaires are earning a higher share of our income since any year since 1928. those with powerful and influence that work the corridors of power obama administration, have gotten fat and happy under big government. >> that's ted cruz's take how difficult it would be to run on the economy. if you were advising hillary clinton, what would you tell her should be her main message? >> she has to try to get away from obama. this is not going to be a third term for obama. if she tries to get wrapped into that she won't do well. she has to talk in terms of i'm going to be different. the economy is the number one issue. you have to have new ideas whether it's infrastructure
7:48 am
building or what have you. she's putting an all-star team together unlimited money but not being challenged in a primary gets you into slopry habits. campaigns are very productive. it's like an athlete. you have to get in shape. she's out of shape. >> would it be good for her if elizabeth warren got hit and hard? >> she can find herself. >> on our side with all the candidates we have, whoever comes out of our primary is going to be very ready for the campaign. >> fascinating. thank you very much. we'll see you next time. >> good to see you. 12 minutes before the hour. "happening now" rolls your way in a couple of minutes. >> good morning. we're waiting that big news conference president obama is holding with german chancellor merkel. they're meeting right now about ukraine. merkel opposed to arming ukrainians.
7:49 am
we'll take you there live. there ought to be news coming out of that. plus the horrifying discovery a scientist made in the new york subways. what it means for you and your health and are we witnessing the beginning of the end of frequent flier programs? that's coming up on "happening now." >> say it ain't so. see you it he top of the hour. careful what you say folks. that's the warning from samsung and tech experts say your fancy new smart tv it might be spying on you. you park your car. as you walk away crunch! a garbage truck backs into it. so,you call your insurance company, looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers on? was there a dog with you? by the time you hang up you're convinced the accident was your fault. then you remember; you weren't even in the car. at liberty mutual we make filing a claim as stress-free as possible. see car insurance in a whole
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for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection risk free and get a document shredder free. use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. >> incredible video as police try to save a man from a burning car. watch this. >> get out of the car. let's go!
7:53 am
get out of the car. >> come on. >> tough job right? look at that. two deputies risk their own lives. they found the 45-year-old man in the crashed car on christmas morning. officers smashed a window and the flames were spreading. this reached through the broken glass and got the man to safety. he's treated for burns but expected to be okay. both deputies awarded medals of merit for their acts of heroism. >> so is your television now listening to you? samsung is warning users, they're warning us to watch what we see around the voice command that allows users to access information without using the remote control. that information may be used against you. welcome back. >> thanks. >> every tv now is smart tv right? has a camera and a microphone. >> that's right. >> why is that a problem? >> well because in order to work, in order to do their jobs,
7:54 am
you want to deliver commands change the channel, search for this and that's a benefit. samsung is not the only technology that does this but the problem is that in order to do that work they have to listen a lot. they have to parce your words and sometimes they can help you like samsung itself can help you but other times they have to deliver what you said to a third party to get the help there. samsung doesn't know the answer to every question. if you do a web search, they can't always help you. >> so big question is lance is hanging out on the weekend and you say i want to order such and such and my address is blah and my american express number is blah is that the data that could come back to -- >> i would not suggest that anybody state their credit card number to the television. >> so what is the data that can get you in trouble? >> it could really be search data but i think -- i'm sure this is because the lawyers said look.
7:55 am
this listing device is on because they're saying something. you're not discriminating. not only say this word only say that word. you're saying a lot of words and you're sharing it out. you've got to say that. but it's not because they're taking your social security number because you have to walk through the room and then share that out. it's when you're engaging in the tv but because you could say a bunch of things to the tv they have to protect themselves. >> so what samsung says is be aware if your spoken words include sensitive information, that information will be among the data that's captured and transmitted to a third party. but again how does that hurt you? how does that make me vulnerable? >> it doesn't necessarily make you vulnerable because the third parties are trusted partners of samsung's. it's not like they're delivering it to some guy in the basement who happens to be a third party. that's not how it works. to be fair to samsung, this is a big trend.
7:56 am
all right? how many different things do we have that listen to us now? >> a lot. >> we have google soft we have -- you know all of these things, siri they're listening. some now activated by saying, hey, siri hey, google you know, hey a lexa and they're listening to everything you say from that point on. >> if that's the case and you're concerned, you can turn it off, right? and you can disconnect the wi-fi. >> which makes it useless. it's just a dumb tv. >> there you go. >> let's watch dumb tv. >> thank you, lance. got some breaking news. >> big meeting today between president obama and the german chancellor merkel. this is a little spray video we got from their meeting at the white house. we'll have an 11:40 news conference. we'll carry that for you live.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> i wonder how the big meeting is going at the white house. >> we'll find out. how would you perform -- start off your work? "happening now?" >> absolutely. we'll see you there. bye, everybody. "happening now" starts. jon: this is not the end but the beginning. jordan's air force chief announcing his country has avenged the brutal murder of its pilot while making it clear that punishing air strikes on isis not over yet. jenna: hope you're off to a great monday so far. good to see you today. big news story, is jordan pounding isis with 56 air strikes since the terror group release aid horrifying video showing the captured jordanian pilot being buried alive. strikes said to be successful destroying


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